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Learning to Cope

Companies are dealing with Slowdown in a wide variety of ways.Many are hoping they have enough money in reserve from the boom times of the last few years so they can survive a slowdown should it linger.

Bruce Holliday, owner of the Cabinet Studio in Winston-Salem, said his company set records for the last seven years. "If this year isn't a record I think we'll be ok," he said. "We are in a position that we could ride out for a few years. Other companies are looking to cut costs as much as possible, although none of the companies interviewed for this story had plans to lay off employees.

Still others are looking to diversify or shift their attention to other core areas of their businesses. Mosaic Tile is putting more emphasis on commercial tiling, adding more products to that line. And within the last few months EC painting and Drywall has shifted its focus from just new homes and has begun advertising for work with owners of existing homes.

"If you don't change you die," Catalano said. "You have to adapt to the times."

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